New SINGLE Out Now!

"Victoria, BC singer-songwriter Nick Mintenko, comes back with a beautiful new single ‘I’ve Been Waiting’[...] Love and everything with it takes time [...] Your angst melts away, as this single plays."

"Nick Mintenko [...] made me realize that there is a depth and an independent spirit in the grooves of a well-produced album that shines in the mix without any pretension or falsity and that gives his album grace."

-Adam Dumbar. Canadian Beats.

Release Concert for "What I Thought I Knew". 
Upstairs Cabaret, Victoria, BC.
March 16th 2017.

"What I Thought I Knew by Nick Mintenko, [...] is run through by themes of self realization and maturity, and sounds like it comes from another time."
-Eric Sedore, Grayowl Point.

"Nick Mintenko engages and invites us in with an earnest and clean-sounding vocal delivery."

                   -Mark Anthony Brennan,                               Ride The Tempo.

Listen to the Sophomore album



This album was made with part of the proceeds dedicated to 'I Challenge Diabetes', a mentorship program for youth with type-1 diabetes.

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