Beginner Lessons

  • Beginner Guitar
    Songs, Chords, and Rhythm. 

  • Beginner Electric Bass
    Technique, Timing, and Common Patterns. 

  • Beginner Double Bass
    Technique, Intonation, Timing, and Common Patterns. 

  • Beginner Music Theory
    Basic Scales and Chords, Key Signatures, and Reading music. 

  • Beginner Singing

       Singing In Tune, Ear Training, and Resonating Chambers. 

Intermediate Lessons

  • Intermediate Guitar 

      Solos, Finger-picking, and New Chord Shapes. 

  • Intermediate Music Theory

      Modes and other Scales, Composition, Arranging, and


  • Intermediate Electric Bass

      Slapping, Soloing, and Complex Patterns. 

  • Intermediate Double Bass

       Bowing, and Soloing.

Other Lessons

  • Songwriting
    Lyrics, Theme, Counter Melody, Song Form, and Genre. 

  • Critique
    I offer critiques on soloing, songwriting, and performance. 

  • Advanced lessons are a jam and an exchange of ideas. I'm excited about these sessions! 


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